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Rhonda Douglas- Larkins LMT since 2006 "Prolong Symmetry" 

Certified Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapist®, Ashi-Thai®, Thai Yoga, Ashi-Thai, MyofascialRelease™, Reflexology, ACE Cupping, Hot and Cold Stone Massage, and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Practitioner.  Private Yoga & Pilates Instructor and Personal Assistant. First Aid and CPR Certified 


2007-Present Volunteer for the Scleroderma Foundation Missouri Chapter

2010 Board of Director for the Scleroderma Foundation Missouri Chapter

2010 Distinguished Alumni Award Winner Missouri College

2010 Volunteer Spirit Award Nominee

2012 Best of Groupon

2013 Secretary for the Scleroderma Foundation Missouri Chapter

2013 ExpertRating Yoga and Pilates Instructor

2013 - 2014, 2016 Best of Chesterfield Massage Therapy

2014 Best of Bridgeton Massage Therapist

2018* Meditation Instructor (*expected)

2017 Barefoot Masters Inc. Ashiatsu Instructor

I received a Lumbar Laminectomy in 2004. Herniated a disc in my back as loader at UPS after 2 years of employment. I believe in the healing aspects of massage therapy.


Carly Began LMT since 2010

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Reiki Specialist and Thai Yoga Practitioner

2012 Best of Groupon

2013- 2016 Best of Chesterfield Massage Therapy

LMT #2009013052  


Adrian Ortiz LMT since 2005 "Oasis"

Tibetan Singing Bowls, Hot Stone,Sports Massage, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Intergrated Massage

2012 Best of Groupon

2013 - 2014,  2016 Best of Chesterfield Massage Therapy

Personal Trainer with DFM @ Club Fitness

LMT #2005040477  


Chelsie Meckfessel LMT since 2011 "Mind Body Synergy"

I was touring a school for medical assisting and the director was going over programs and mentioned massage therapy. I had no idea that was a possible career. I was ignorant about it. I found it intriguing and decided to go home and do my research on it and educate myself. I was fascinated! And thought to myself I could really do this and help people. Never regretted my decision and it still fascinates me.

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Massage. Yoga Teacher Training and has an amazing 100 lbs weight loss story with proper diet and using the hula hoop! AMAZING!

2014 and 2016 Best of Chesterfield Massage Therapy



Ted Newsham

Member Advantage Program Nutrition Guide for healthy eating using Ketogenics Meal Planning

Taoist Stress Reduction and QiGong Meditation Instructor

American Sports and Fitness Association Certified Personal Trainer


Amy Williams RN, BSN with experience in Psychiatric Nursing 

LMT since 2008 #2007005474

ACE Certified Health Coach

ACE Certified Mind-Body Specialist

CPR Certified

Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology on hands and feet, soon to be Reiki Specialist!! :) 

I'm passionate about preventative, holistic approaches to a health. Health encompassing mind, body and spirit. The power of healing touch is a great way to bring balance and healing into your life. 


Nina Martinez LMT  "OrthoTouch Therapy"

Ortho Touch Therapy in Clayton. Across the street from the Galleria in University Tower.

Visit Webiste here    LMT #2005014998 


Sarah Burkhalter LMT since 2009

2012 Best of Groupon

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology, I worked with children in the mental health field.  A year later, I realized I wanted to involve myself in a field with a more holistic view of health and decided on massage therapy.  I graduated from Massage Therapy Training Institute in August 2010 and went on to receive Level I Certification in Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage, a specialized technique involving long, flowing strokes promoting deep relaxation.  I have learned the introduction to Thai Yoga and continuing training in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage.  

Moved to another state and always has a home @PSmb.



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